How Do I Benefit by Working at Camp?

We want to give local Scouts an opportunity to become contributing members of the staff for our events at Hi-Sierra. We realize being an event staff member is an incredible life and work experience that has numerous lasting benefits. Camp staff members learn and improve many important skills including:

• Leadership skills 
• Teaching skills 
• Learning to get along with others 
• How to motivate others 
• How to work effectively on a team 
• The value and satisfaction of hard work 
• Lasting friendships

Becoming a member of the Camp Staff is the premier opportunity for leadership and volunteerism which are an integral part of making Scouting programs throughout the Council much stronger.

Next round of interviews are happening in December 2023 and January 2024.

Apply Online Now: Paid Staff

Apply Online Now: Volunteer Staff (Commissioners and Volunteers)

Apply Online Now: Counselor-in-Training

If you would like to join our awesome staff, please apply online or email your printable staff application to:

Opportunities for 14 and over:

Our camps are proud to offer a Counselor in Training (CIT) program to teach leadership and instruction skills. It also provides those interested in joining the staff a better idea of what jobs they may be interested in the future. Individuals age 14 and older may also apply for Day Camp Staff.

Opportunities for 16 and over:

Handicraft Staff, Kitchen Staff, Nature Staff, Scoutcraft Staff, Trail to Eagle Staff, Excursions Staff, Foxfire Staff, Lifeguards.

Opportunities for age 18 and over:

Cook, Climbing Staff, Camp Commissioner, Dining Hall Steward, Handicraft Director, Nature Director, Scoutcraft Director, Shooting Sports Staff, Trading Post Manager, Pinecrest Staff, Trail to Eagle Director, Foxfire Director, Archery Director.

Opportunities for age 21 and over:
Aquatics Director, Climbing Director, Cook, Food Service Director, Shooting Sports Director, Assistant Ranger, Pinecrest Director.


Why camp is more than just a summer job….

The essence of camp is in the human relationships we forge — something we are all craving right now. Camp is a lifeline that brings even the unlikeliest of people together in the most unimaginable ways.


Being isolated for the past year has taken a toll on all of us. We can function on our own and even thrive, but when we are at camp together, the caring and supportive environment brings out the best in one another. Be part of a team that can move mountains.


The kind of leadership that’s not taught in books, classrooms, or TedTalks. Real, hands-on leadership that you can only learn by being responsible for a group of children. Camp provides leadership experience that will elevate your game for the rest of your life — at home, in school, and in your career.


Immediately become an integral part in the development of the next generation. Positively influencing the emotional lives of kids who have had anything but normal for the better part of the past year. Become a summer hero who mentors and guides young people into contributing members of society.

Source: Project Real Job – ACA