Camp Safety


We know the importance of getting youth outdoors and involved in programs of Adventure. We are taking every step to ensure that this summer will be SAFE and FUN! Camp will be awesome this summer, but it will look a little different than what we are used to. We have instituted procedures and safety measures in order to keep our Scouts, leaders, staff, and families healthy and safe. These procedures and safety measures have been promoted by many state and federal agencies including the State of California, Boy Scouts of America, and the American Camping Association Field Guide for Camps. These multi-layered strategies are proven effective to reduces the risk of transmission of diseases such as COVID-19.


Pre-Camp Screening Checklist

All participants will be required to fill out the BSA pre-event medical screening to ensure it is safe to attend camp.


Pre-Camp Preparation

We ask that 14 days prior to attending camp you begin to stay close to home, stay away from in-person large groups and follow all CDC guidelines that are proven effective to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.


Daily Health Screening

Upon arrival at camp, our Medical Staff will perform a check-in health screening. Additionally, Unit Leaders will be given a health assessment checklist to assess the health of each camper on a daily basis.


Handwashing and Sanitizing

Scouts are reminded to wash hands frequently and to practice good personal hygiene. Hand sanitizer does not replace proper handwashing, however, it is an added layer of protection and will be provided throughout camp.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All Scouts, leaders, visitors, and staff will be required to wear a mask or approved face-shield when on camp properties. Exceptions include swimming, eating, and sleeping.


Ventilation of Indoor Spaces

The Dining Hall will be open and ventilated to allow for clean air flow. Outdoor spaces will be utilized and emphasized [weather permitting].


Altered Activities

Physical activities such as field sports, water sports, and games will be adjusted to limit contact.


Social Distancing

Class sizes have been reduced and number of class instances increased in order to limit contact and reduce risk of transmission.


Adjusted Food Service

Food service will be altered or changed to eliminate as many commonly touched surfaces as possible.


No Unexpected or Unscheduled Visitors

Unexpected or unscheduled visitors can potentially increase the risk of infection and break our “camp bubble.” Only visitors or authorized staff required for necessary safe and healthy camp operations will be permitted on camp properties for authorized business.