The Tribe of Hi-Sierra is an organization of Scouts and Scouters dedicated toward the improvement of the Hi-Sierra experience.  A camp service organization promotes:

-Personal growth in Scouting’s ideals

-Preservation of the outdoors

-A sampling of history and legends of the past

-Enhancement of the camp’s programs

Joining and advancing in the Tribe requires participation and service throughout camp.  Participants receive beads for each achievement and receive camp-wide recognition for rank advancement.  Information is available at the camp office and from your commissioner in camp.  Everyone is encouraged to learn about and join the Tribe of Hi-Sierra.

Membership and Advancement

Ranks in the Tribe of Hi-Sierra are open to all registered Scouts and Scouters attending Camp Hi-Sierra.  The Tribal Council may grant Scouts and Scouters credit for bead awards and for years of service for equivalent achievements in other BSA Council Camps during previous years.  For adults, those few bead awards that cannot be earned directly such as Scout Advancement may be earned by coaching, instructing or supervising a Scout from start to finish (merit badge counseling is an example).  The Tribal Council may approve the counting of achievements earned during previous years in Camp Hi-Sierra.

You may earn any bead more than once.  You may use repeats of any elective bead award to fulfill electives for Tribal Rank Advancement.  You may also repeat beads for required awards, but you may only count them for their designated rank.  As an example, a Scout earning the Seal Award may use that award only for the rank of Medicine Man.  However, we expect him to wear it on his award necklace as soon as he earns it regardless of his rank in the Tribe of Hi-Sierra.

The exceptions to this rule are the Wigwam and Arrowhead awards.  To encourage advancement in the Scouting ranks, a Scout earning additional Wigwam and Arrowhead awards may use these awards to meet any elective bead requirement for any of the other.

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