Looking for a summer job?

How about a summer of mile-high memories?  Outdoor opportunities to develop amazing leadership abilities and job skills?  Two months of adventure and excitement in the high Sierras?

We’re looking for Camp Hi-Sierra Staff members!

We are a Boy Scout summer camp located at 5,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, less than 20 miles from Yosemite National Park.  We run a summer camp season that begins June 11th  and ends August 1st.

Work with adolescent boys in teaching outdoor skills and running exciting programs like cooking, shooting, knot-tying, pottery, navigation, mountain ecology, hiking, biking, and many more!

Once you have filled out and returned this application for volunteer staff to or this one for paid staff to our office or email, you may schedule an interview by emailing Deborah Olsen.


Here are a few of the countless reasons that are frequently expressed:

To make lots of new friends in your area, other states, and even other countries

To spend a summer in the great outdoors where nature prevails

To acquire experiential education (learning by doing) and new skills that will last a lifetime

To be part of an effective team and to cooperate with others to get things done

To learn how to lead others and to apply leadership skills

To undertake and fulfill meaningful challenges and to earn the satisfaction of doing a job well

To work with youth and adults of all ages

To serve others (the most noble and fulfilling pursuit of all)

To give something back for the opportunities you have received

To live in a wholesome environment based on the Scout Oath and Scout Law

To have the advice, counsel, and support of senior staff who are dedicated to helping you succeed

To be paid and receive food and lodging in return for something challenging and fun

To be considered for jobs of greater responsibility and to receive letters of recommendation for other pursuits

Staff members must:
Be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America. This can happen as part of applying to work at camp.
Be at least 16 years of age during camp (ages 14-15 can serve as a counselor-in-training).
Exemplify the Scout Oath and Law.
Complete an application

Staff Resources

Please provide two references by having your references fill out this form


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CITs: Counselors in Training!

Camp Hi-Sierra encourages any youth, male or female, from the ages of 14-17 to join our CIT program. What is a CIT you ask? Quite simply, a CIT is a camp Counselor In Training: someone who volunteers for a short period at a camp to learn the ropes of teaching, supervising, and being a camp staffer.

Who makes a good CIT? Often youth who are considering work as summer camp staff in the future, but are not free for the whole season, not yet feeling ready, or are simply too young for full staff work. However, even if you are not going to be a camp staff member next year, time as a CIT has its advantages.

As a CIT you spend two weeks getting a taste of helping out in the various program areas of camp, developing your ability to supervise other youth, improving your leadership skills, and watching and working with the expert teachers of our camp as they work through merit badges with the scouts.

CITs stay at camp for free, room and board provided: it’s like two weeks of camp you don’t have to pay for! Of course, there is an obvious reason for this: you are putting your backs into helping all of us at Camp Hi-Sierra get done the rewarding job of hosting a resident camp and learning experience for scouts. We value immensely the job our CITs do for us, and while we promise to keep you busy, we will also guarantee that you will have a whole lot of fun.

To volunteer, fill out the CIT portion of the Camp Staff Application, and send it in to the SVMB Council Office!