Mountain Sports is a new addition to Camp Hi-Sierra, and offers several merit badges. Cycling and Sports merit badges are offered there. Located next to Blackfoot Meadow, Sports has a great vantage point for activities such as softball, kickball, soccer, low ropes courses, spider webs, and many more. In addition to offering badges, Sports runs several high adventure activities. These include the famous bike ride to the river Clavey, the hike to Clavey, bike to Pinecrest Lake, and the bike to the Stanislaus River. Scouts come back from these activities with a smile from the feeling of accomplishment that is hard to get anyway else. The bike to the River Clavey is a particularly challenging, and rewarding, bike ride. Seventeen miles of hill, trail and view offer the most powerful feeling of exhilaration found at camp. Due to the difficulty of the bike ride, a scout must accomplish either the bike to Pinecrest Lake or the bike to the Stanislaus River. For scouts who do not want to bike to Clavey, Sports offers the hike to the river. After five miles of trekking with a full backpack, scouts can enjoy Dutch oven pizza and swimming in the river. Granite rocks smoothed by centuries of untamed and undammed river offer a great water slide for scouts to slide down.

Every Monday night, Sports offers a scoutmaster versus staff softball game that is a great tradition at Camp Hi-Sierra. In addition to the softball game, troops can challenge other troops, and even the staff, to games of soccer, Quidditch, softball, and other team games. In summary, Sports is one of the most interesting and active areas in camp and scouts find the teambuilding and positive atmosphere helps them not only to make new friends, but also solidify the relationships with other scouts in their troop.