The scout badges that have lasted throughout the 100 years that the Boy Scouts of America has been in existence are offered at Scoutcraft. Fishing, pioneering, camping, orienteering, fly-fishing, cooking, and wilderness survival are all offered at scoutcraft. Fishing is a drop in merit badge. A drop in merit badge is a merit badge that is offered for only one or two secession. At 4:30 in the afternoon, a group of scouts and a fishing counselor will go below the dam and fish for rainbow trout. Fishing in the lake and river is prohibited. People walk in both the lake and river, and if they step on the hook, it makes for a bad day. Pioneering is one of the best badges scout craft offers. Scouts get the chance to make lashings, and build towers and structures without using nails. Possibly the best run merit badge in camp is camping. Camping offers the chance for scouts to cross off most of the requirements of an eagle required badge, and also to have a good time on an overnighter out of camp. During the overnighter, scouts participate in setting up a tent, filter water, and learn about different types of sleeping bags. The cooking merit badge offers an entirely different eating experience. When the steward’s bell rings half an hour before dinner, scouts in the merit badge go down to Scoutcraft and cook different types of food and learn about food safety. In addition to the badge, Scoutcraft offers a cast iron chef night. Teams cook a dinner that is judged by staff, and are awarded for the best taste, most originality, and a secret ingredient is used to throw the teams off. Wilderness Survival is the second badge to have an overnighter. Scouts skip dinner and go to survive in the Stanislaus Forest to survive for a night. Allowed to bring only clothes and water, scouts build their own shelter and sleep in it for a night. Scoutcraft is the area that offers the most classic of the merit badges they offer, and each is as much fun as the last.