Pinecrest Lake

Sailing is one of the most ancient sports still practiced, and a great way to connect with the raw elements of the world. Our recently revitalized Pinecrest program will take you a short ways up the road from the CHS turn-off to a lovely mountain lake. One mile of shimmering water across, Pinecrest is surprisingly warm and more than big enough to boat on. The sailing instructors are knowledgeable and only wear their eye-patches occasionally ๐Ÿ˜‰ If any landlubber ever knew the parts of his boat, and the safest course to set, itโ€™s the Scouts who sailed here. Another program offered at Pinecrest is Paddle Craft Safety: a certification intensely focused on training scouts sixteen and above in the safety skills needed to supervise boat outings. Thursday is the day any Scout can sign up to sail in their free time, and Friday is the Scoutmaster Regatta, a grippingly exciting race with a stellar prize for the winning boat. Scouts must, of course, complete the swim check at the start of the week to participate. See you at the lake!