Bushes, tall trees, and woodland critters. These are the things a Scout comes to a summer wilderness camp to see. But when you see the plants around you, do you know their names, their uses, and the relationships they have to the other life around them? That’s what the Nature program area is for! We boast a selection of ten whole merit badges; namely: Environmental Science, Astronomy, Energy, Fish & Wildlife Management, Forestry, Geology, Mammal Study, Nature, Soil & Water Conservation, and Weather. E. Science is of course, eagle required, and each of the other badges offers a unique perspective on the ecology of the local Stanislaus Forest and the wider world it implies. One badge, astronomy, has a required overnighter, also open to non-merit badge folks. A quarter mile hike leads Scouts to a wonderful star-viewing area where we will discuss constellation legends from around the world. Nature also offers some quite unique skills of the day, including Pine Needle Tea, a delectable exploration of natural cooking. Finally, Scouts looking for Conservation Projects for the Tribe of Hi-Sierra will also find Nature a useful place for advice and project approval. We hope Nature will become one of your favorite areas to be this summer: We really grow on you!

Wildlife Awareness and Safety for Camp Hi-Sierra

    Coyotes         Mountain Lions         Rattlesnakes