At handicraft, a scout can turn his creative vision into a creative reality. Using the extensive tools and resources located in the livery, any scout can express himself through making a piece of art. Handicraft is located across the road from Scoutcraft, just before you start up the hill. At Handicraft, four merit badges are offered: leatherwork, art, woodcarving, and pottery. Leatherwork and art are offered as drop-in badges. For the woodcarving badge, the scout needs to have his totin’ chit with him. Art is a badge that is easily attainable, and is a great badge to start on in your free time. Pottery is a fun and exciting merit badge that offers scouts the opportunity to shape their vision with their hands. If you are taking pottery, you must buy a pottery ticket that is sold in the General Store. This is simply to help pay for the clay and the use of the kiln. Off to the right of the Livery, is a porch with the kiln. If the pottery instructor is not there, please do not enter this area. The kiln can become very hot, hot enough to melt the “CATUION: HOT” stickers that were on the side of the kiln. Handicraft offers many fun skills of the day throughout the week, such as popsicle stick airplanes, draw your favorite staff member, and a boat race. A favorite among all scouts, the boat race entails carving your own boat. It can be as simple as a stick to as elaborate as a battle ship. During the day, open shop time gives scouts the opportunity to carve, draw, or paint whatever they want, or even to just be there to pass the time. The livery is about five degrees cooler than the rest of the camp, so it is a great place to simply spend some time taking your vision —and making it a reality.